Social Services

Services in Tribes

10We have been providing different layers of social services in different areas and we had good performances in all areas in these 10 years.

1.youth services

Promote aboriginal children to read, learn cultural techniques and personal inquiry services. These services not only provide human-caring to soften the burden of family care, but also lower the risk of weak family tie. Through reading to broaden the children and teens horizons and shorten the urban-rural gap.



2.elderly services

Taking care of elderly people who live alone by helping them to clean up environments (in-house services), and 3H Engineering Program…etc. These services can soothe the elders broken heart resulted from typhoon, in enteral house or the elders without accompany and care of their children, to adapt new environment, dealing with loneliness and finding the core of life again. On the other hand, we also provide local primary caring services to elders community in turns of solving many social issues.



3.disabilities services

We care disabilities by helping them to clean up environment (in-house services), visiting their family and take care of their daily needs. We not only show our concerns but also provide many kinds of allowances to help unemployed disabilities and help cleaning their houses to enhance the quality of services.



4.job services

Multi-Employment Promotion Program, Empowerment Employment Program, 3H Engineering Program are the programs that we applied for Workforce Development Agency and Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan to help tribe people and community women to find  jobs. Thus, they could learn some skills so as to solve their financial difficulties. These services are mainly about carrying out before-career training and helping career guidance workers to know more about aboriginal peoples career conditions. services

Our main services include integrating resources of community, free haircuts, promoting government social welfare and 3H Engineering Program. During 1999 to 2012, our main services aimed to strengthen the emotional reconstruction of typhoon victims, parenting education, life education, ecological education, traditional art education, and so on. After 2011, we started to integrate the resources of six Changzhi BAI HE permanent housing communities to make sure every activity worth every penny. On the other hand, we also promote welfares given by government, helping low-income families to apply for the welfares so that they wouldnt lose deserved rights. Finally, for improving the living quality in the community, we promote correct concepts of sanitation to residents by holding free haircut activities and 3H engineering program to accomplish community assistance as well as improving the community’s living qualities.