Send love to aboriginal tribes in Pingtung

1.Rice donation

Our organization donates rice to more than 80 units in Pingtung County every year, including tribes, after -school classes, elementary schools and junior high schools. We also hold activities for rice donation in certain time every year.



2.Resources donation

We donate resources to more than 70 aboriginal tribes and aboriginal after-school classes every year. Besides, we also hold many activities annually to collect winter clothes in order to help those tribe people in daily life.



3.Emergency assistance

We have provided emergency servicessince the association was founded in 2001. For example:

In 2012, Typhoon Tembin caused serious damages to houses, properties and ships in Lanyu. EmeritusDirector, Ming-Hui,Liang put a lot of efforts on fundraising and finally raised about NTD 33,000 dollars. Money was used to buy materials sent to Lanyu in person to help people rebuild houses or fix fishing boats so that locals dont need to worry about their livings.

In 2013, through the leading of social workers, we visited the villager, Miss Liang, in Jiayi village Wutai Township. After her stroke, she has suffered from paralysis so that she was unable to work and her family ran into difficulty. Thus, we gave material support and NT 15,000 dollars to solve her difficulties.


In 2014, chief Gao, from an indigent family, who lived in Liangshan village, Wutai Township had difficulty in paying her wifes hospitalization fee. After a visit by social workers, they decided to help them to apply for emergency allowances about NT 5,000 dollars so that they didnt need to worry about the medical fee. Besides, we also did our best to provide assistance to help them live without financial difficulties.